Jul 26

Julian Teixeira

Continue To Challenge Yourself

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To believe in what you’re selling, it needs to be an industry that you;re passionate about because being successful is more than just learning the product. It’s learning the industry and learn from the best find the top sales person in the company from day one and understand, ‘What are the habits?’, ‘What are they doing?’, and learn from them and continue to have that same mindset even beyond the first day even beyond your first year of success. Continue to challenge yourself.


Julian Teixeira is the Vice President of Sales for Lightspeed, a company that develops point of sale and eCommerce software for small and medium sized independent businesses. He started with the company in 2011 as a Sales Representative when they were a small startup of 25 employees in Montreal. Today, Lightspeed operates in over 100 countries, 9 offices, and is home to a team of 630 employees

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