Aug 26

Jon Levesque

Video Branding on LinkedIn for Canadian Sales

I saw ‘A’ an opportunity to do something very unique and in terms of branding and building a brand in Canada from literally the ground-up, it’s exciting…… and how do you get your name out there? I think that I wanted to be able to use multiple vehicles and I felt like LinkedIn was probably the best platform to reach as many people, I’ll call my target audience, as humanly possible.

Jon Levesque started his sales career with his first company that he started in college @ Seneca with my friend Shabby. It was a music entertainment company and he was selling our college/university campus hip hop tours across the country. He was also selling our artists album to Sunshine Records and HMV stores across Canada back when CD’s mattered.

He got fired from Future Steel Buildings in Markham, went to a 3rd party collection agency for a year then got into my first tech sales job at Softchoice in Liberty Village.

He got into sales Leadership at SHI International. He later entered Software vendor sales at BMC Software and now he’s in his dream job at Datadog.


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